Wednesday, May 11, 2011

De Struise Brouwers at Spuyten Duyvil

De Struise Brouwers, from Oostvleteren, Belgium, is a small brewery run by Urbain and Carlo who can barely keep up with demand for their well-crafted beers.  The name of the brewery has roots in the Flemish word for "ostrich" - the brewers run an ostrich farm in their spare time - and the slang word for "sturdy", hence their nickname, "The Sturdy Brewers".  This Thursday, you have a rare chance to try 6 different drafts from them.

When:  Thursday, 12 May, 6 pm
Where:  Spuyten Duyvil, 359 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn

The beers!

Svea IPA - brewed with oats and rye and a "carefully selected set of noble hops for you to enjoy on every suitable occasion", 7% abv
Ignis & Flamma - West Coast-style IPA. Menno from the De Molen brewery asked they guys at De Struise to brew their interpretation of his "Vuur & Vlam" and this is the result, 7% abv
Rosse - amber ale with refreshing hop notes in the finish, 6% abv
Pannep√łt (Danish version) - in the early 1900s, the town of De Panne was known for its fishing boats (pannepots) and the dark ale that the fishermen drank.  This beer is a tribute to those fishermen and his version was brewed specifically for the brewery's Danish friends and customers, 10% abv
Black Damnation III - Black Mes - one of the versions of Black Albert, their Imperial Stout.  This one is aged for 3 months in a Caol Ila whisky barrel, 13% abv
Black Damnation IV - Coffee Club - Black Albert aged for 6 months in old rum barrels, 13% abv