Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naughty & Nice with Ridgeway and Pretty Things

When:  Tuesday, 13 December, 7pm
Where:  Sunswick, 35-02 35th Street, Astoria
What:  pay-as-you-go

Holiday beer madness continues!  Our pals over at Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project came up with the idea of doing an event with 3 Christmas beers from the Ridgeway Brewery in England alongside 3 Pretty Things beers. Apparently, we're the "naughty" ones in this equation. That might be debatable but all of the beers tonight are "nice" so unless you indulge in one too many, you'll be dreaming of sugarplums.

The Ridgeway Christmas series famously started in the days of yore with Bad Elf, a hoppy winter warmer conjured up on a bar napkin over a few pints at the White Horse in London. Every year, the beers got stronger, the elves became worse (ok, so they're a bit naughty), and then we ran out of elf adjectives so we moved on to Santa and then to his reindeer. There will be one from each phase of the series.

little bombs of flavor, falling from the sky
The Ridgeway Beers:
Seriously Bad Elf - English interpretation of a Belgian tripel
Santa's Butt - winter porter
Reindeer Droppings - strong, hoppy amber ale

Mr. Jack D'Or himself
The Pretty Things Beers:
Jack D'Or - saison
Babayaga - export stout
Our Finest Regards - barleywine for the winter

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