Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mikkeller at Valhalla, Monday 27 February

Join Mike Lovullo of Union Beer Distributors for a Mikkeller draft event featuring the following beers from Denmark's gypsy brewer:

  • Green Gold - 6.9% American IPA brewed with flaked oats and American hops (Simcoe, Cascade, and Amarillo)
  • I Beat yoU - Mikkel calls it "a really hoppy IPA" and he's right. This 10% IPA is chock full of bittering and aroma hops with a touch of malt sweetness and some warmth from the alcohol
  • Monk's Brew - a dark Belgian ale full of yeast character, inspired by Belgium's Trappist breweries
  • Boogoop - limited edition collaboration with Three Floyds, this is a 10.4% buckwheat wine. The 4th in a series featuring different grains and the first one brewed in Belgium at the De Proef brewery

When:  Monday, 27 February, 7pm onwards
Where:  Valhalla, 815 9th Avenue
What:  pay-as-you-go

No guarantees that the beer at midtown bar Valhalla will flow as freely as at its Norse namesake.

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