Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thursday Tap - Kissmeyer Stockholm Syndrome DIPA

Recently, Jimmy's No. 43 started up a "Thursday Tap" series. Every Thursday at 5pm, they'll tap a special keg or cask. Beers will range from rare casks to new beers to small batches brewed by some of Jimmy's favorite breweries. Jimmy's No. 43 is located at 43 E. 7th Street.

This Thursday, 29 March, they'll be tapping a keg of Kissmeyer Stockholm Syndrome, a 9% double IPA that is heavily hopped with 50% American hops and 50% New Zealand hops for a dry yet intensely fruity flavor. As Anders Kissmeyer says, "the explosion of citrus, passion fruit, peach, and apricot flavours wraps up the intense hop bitterness in a highly seductive way. Think: 'this is my idea of the ideal fruit bowl.'"

Brewer Anders Kissmeyer is from Denmark and was a co-founder of Copenhagen's Nørrebro Bryghus. He started out as a quality controller in the labs of Carlsberg and his travels took him to the US where he had a revelation at the Brooklyn Brewery when he met Garrett Oliver who opened up a new world of beers and brewing to him. On his return to Denmark, Anders was determined to apply his new-found knowledge to Danish beer culture. Carlsberg dismissed his ideas as a "naive dream" so he left to pursue this dream with Nørrebro. He has since moved on to his own project, and like fellow Danish brewer Mikkel of Mikkeller, he does not have an actual brewery. Anders travels around to other breweries to brew his beers and often brews collaborative brews as well. Stockholm Syndrome was brewed at the Sigtuna Brygghus in Sweden.

Kissmeyer was featured as one of the best new-to-New York breweries in Time Out's beer issue.

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