Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Thursday Tap - Freigeist Abraxxxas

If you missed last week's Thursday Tap and wonder what's up with that Freigeist brewery, you're in luck! This Thursday, 30 August at 5 pm,  Jimmy's No. 43 will be putting on another Freigeist keg - Abraxxxas.

Abraxxxas is inspired by an old style of smoked weisse beer known as Lichtenhainer which was popular in 19th century eastern Germany. The Freigeist version has been either modernized or retrograded; you decide.  Because brewers Sebastian and Peter are fans of disappearing sour beers like Berliner Weisse and Gose, they like to add some sourness to many of their beers. They also figure that most beers in the past would have had some degree of sourness so why not create a sour Lichtenhainer. And who knows? Lictenhainer might very well indeed have had some lactic sourness.

The name of the beer comes from the Gnostic deity Abraxas in Hermann Hesse's novels. Freigeist brews 2 versions of this beer:  Abraxas, a more subtle 3.2% beer and Abraxxxas, a bigger, more sour yet still refreshing version at 6%.  Add the extra xx for...sour?

Jimmy's is located at 43 E. 7th Street.

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