Friday, May 23, 2014

Pivovar Kout - Traditional Czech Lager

Just in time for the spring drinking weather we've sent a limited amount of kegs to New York from Pivovar Kout na Sumave in Bohemia, Czech Republic. While written records date the brewery to 1736, it was probably founded in the 16th century. Like many small breweries, Kout was shut down during communism but was recently revived by Jan Skala who worked at the brewery as a young man.

Pivovar Kout brews classic, earthy lagers using local barley, noble hops, and water from their own well. The Kout beers (pronounced "coat") are made from 200 year old recipes and brewed using either double or triple decoction mash. They are also open-fermented and unpasteurized and are therefore meant to be drunk as fresh as possible.  No vintage beer here, please!

The pivo:

  • Koutska 10º - a hoppy golden lager, 4%
  • Koutska 12º - the flagship beer, a classic traditional Pilsner, 5%

The kegs are popping up at select places around the city. Look for them this weekend at Jimmy's No. 43 in Manhattan, and at Henry Street Ale House and Franny's in Brooklyn.

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