Wednesday, May 22, 2013

De Struise at DeCicco's

When:  Friday 24 May, 5-10 pm
Where: DeCicco's, 50 Independent Way, Brewster

What:  pay-as-you-go

I am very glad that there are no DeCicco's supermarkets in my neighborhood or there would be lots of impulse shopping after having a few pints at the in-store bar. But it's always a treat to visit them in Brewster (among other locations) and revel in the ample aisles of a suburban-sized store WITH bar, and maybe get some grocery shopping done. This Friday, they'll be pouring beers from Belgium's De Struise brewery 
and the list is worth the trip. Some of these kegs from "The Sturdy Brewers" are making their debut appearance in the NYC metro area. 

The beers:
  • Pannepot Grand Reserva - barrel-aged Pannepot 
  • Black Albert - imperial stout 
  • Cuvée Delphine - Black Albert aged in Four Roses bourbon barrels 
  • Rio Reserva - barrel-aged quadrupel 
  • Pannepøt - originally brewed for a Danish beer festival but it proved so popular that they've made it a regular release

Monday, May 20, 2013

Belgian Beers at Alewife Queens

When:  Monday, 20 May - Friday, 24 May
Where:  Alewife Queens, 5-14 51st Avenue, Long Island City 
What: pay-as-you-go

Alewife will be featuring Belgian beers all week long. They understand that just because a beer is from Belgium doesn't mean that it's good. But their selection is amazing and reflects the small breweries that are putting out some truly unique and interesting beers.

Here is a list of just some of the beers being poured this week:
  • Blaugies Saison d'Epeautre - spelt saison  
  • Blaugies La Moneuse - earthy saison 
  • De Ranke Saison de Dottignies - hoppy saison  
  • De Ranke Noir de Dottignies - stout  
  • De Ranke XX Bitterhoppy ale with pleasant brett funkiness  
  • De Ranke Guldenberg - strong blonde ale  
  • Drie Fonteinen - dark ale fermented with Beersel Blond yeast and brettanomyces
  • Kerkom Bink Bloesem - brewed with local pears and honey
  • Kerkom Bink Blond - sessionable and dry-hopped 
  • De Struise Pannepot -  subtly spiced strong dark ale
  • De Struise X - blonde ale  
  • De Struise XX - dubbel
  • De la Senne Jambe de Bois - tripel 
  • De la Senne Band of Brothers - collaboration with Brussels bar Moeder Lambic   
  • De la Senne Taras Boulba - hoppy blonde ale 
  • De la Senne Zinnebir - refreshing blonde ale with yeasty complexity 
  • Geants Saison Voisin - rustic saison