Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrate the Tour de France with French Beers

Our celebration of French beer continues! Many people don't realize that France has a very long brewing tradition, notably in the northern part of the country where the climate is too cold to grow grapes. Nowadays, beer is brewed anywhere that raw ingredients can be shipped so breweries have popped up all over France. Join us on Thursday and Sunday as we explore some of these breweries.

What:  Bières Françaises and French Disco
Where:  Brouwerij Lane, 78 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn
When:  Thursday, 24 July, from 6pm onwards

DJ Jim "Bock Monsieur" Barnes will be spinning the disco tunes while the following beers will be on draft for your sipping pleasure:
  • Page 24 Barrel-Aged Brune - unique roasty brown bière de garde from the north of France aged in Burgundy barrels
  • Bretagne Celtika - earthy Belgian-style tripel from Brittany
  • Bourganel Miel de Châtaigner - lager brewed with chestnut flower honey from the Ardèche

What:  Tour de France Finish Party
Where:  Mission Dolores, 249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn
When:  Sunday, 27 July, 2-6pm

Celebrate the winner of the Tour de France (care to make a bet on Nibali?) with French beers on Sunday. DJ Jim "Bock Monsieur" Barnes will also be dj'ing and we won't be taking any bets as to whether or not he'll play "Tour de France" by Kraftwerk.

  • Page 24 Barrel-Aged Brune - unique roasty brown bière de garde from the north of France aged in Burgundy barrels
  • Page 24 Réserve Hildegarde Blonde - modern blonde bière de garde with balancing hops in the finish
  • Castelain Ch'ti Blonde - traditional, malt-forward bière de garde
  • Bretagne Dremmwel Rousse - amber ale influenced by British brewing traditions as Brittany has a close affinity to the Celts

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

French Beer at Taproom 307

Now that you've recovered from storming the Bastille, why don't you join us at Taproom 307 (307 3rd Avenue) Wednesday evening, 16 July, for some fine French beer.

Les bières:
  • Page 24 Barrel-Aged Brune - brown bière de garde aged in burgundy barrels (1 of 20 kegs in the US!)
  • Page 24 Blonde - blonde bière de garde
  • Castelain Maltesse - strong golden ale
  • Bretagne Sant Erwann - 7 grain ale from Brittany
  • Bourganel Nougat - the ever-popular nougat beer
  • Bourganel Myrtilles - with wild blueberries

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Shelton Brothers Tasting - Tuesday 15 July

Join Brother Joel for a Super Serious Shelton Brothers Tasting at Jimmy's No. 43 on Tuesday, 15 July.

Starting at 7pm, Joel will be leading you through a tasting of 10 of our beers. The beers will be serious; the stories - not so much. DJ Bocky will be spinning tunes to pair with the beers.

The beers:

  • Thiriez Extra
  • Cervesera del Montseny Malta Cuvée
  • De la Senne Taras Boulba
  • Het Nest Ace of Spades
  • Naparbier Sai Saison
  • The Monarchy Grodziskie
  • Freigeist Geisterzug Gose
  • Brouwerij West Tripel
  • Trois Dames Grande Dame
  • Amager Pride Imperial Stout

The host:

The tasting is starts at 7pm and costs $20 for the 10 beers. Jimmy's No. 43 is located at 43 E. 7th Street.