Friday, July 1, 2011

July is Good Beer Month and French Beer Month!

Since 2009, Mayor Bloomberg has pronounced July to be "Good Beer Month" in New York and, not to be outdone, we've pronounced July to also be "French Beer Month" in honor of Bastille Day so that we can showcase the small but growing scene in France. It might come as a surprise to some, but the French not only brew beer, they brew great beer!

The north of France, close to the border with Belgium, has a long-standing brewing tradition which unfortunately was almost completely decimated by the two World Wars. Fortunately, some of the breweries were able to hold out or returned after a hiatus while other new breweries have been popping up like champignons around the rest of the country.

There will be a series of events around the city this month so stay tuned for details and if you're in town for this holiday weekend, why not drop by the Blind Tiger for une bière on Sunday for the kickoff event.

Liberty Leading the People to their Next Beer (apologies to Monsieur Delacroix)

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